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We received a wonderful letter from one of our ADNA clothing enthusiasts that filled us with so much pride, we just had to share it! Thanks Brad for catching this Born For This moment!

Mount Masada is located by the Dead Sea, a very hot place in the Judean desert of Israel. To climb the 2,000 steps of the “Snake Path” will take you up 1,300 feet to the top of the mountain, a flat and wide area that holds the remains of the ancient Masada Desert Fortress originally built in 37 BCE.

Since I was going to climb this legendary mountain in the middle of June, I knew it would be an athletic feat. I prepared to carry some water, but was advised by our guide to also wear a hat as the sun is intense and relentless for lack of any shade. Fortunately, I had the foresight to bring one of my Athletic DNA shirts along with me, which would come in handy for the long hot climb. Unfortunately, the only hat I had packed was a black fedora.

During the ascent, we passed up a tour group of young American adults visiting Israel. As they passed me on the steps, I heard one of the guys say, “that’s the first time I’ve seen someone wear Athletic DNA outside of the United States!”

It was pretty cool because the shirt I was wearing just had the infinity logo and not the name, and I didn’t know so many people knew about the brand just from a logo. It seems even on a mountain in the desert of Israel, ADNA is making itself known.


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