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BLOG 300x200 Show us you are Born to Play Tennis for ONE YEAR of ADNA GEAR

Hello Fans!

We want to start by apologizing for any confusion created by us announcing and then quickly taking down the rules for the ADNA Born For This Contest. It turns out that we were unable to deliver the U.S. Open tickets due to an unforeseen legal issue that was kindly brought to our attention.

That being said, we knew that if we were going to make this up to you (and the talented individuals that already submitted entries) we better come up with an EVEN BETTER prize … and we think we did!

We also listened to your feedback & opened this contest INTERNATIONALLY! Thanks to Tennis Warehouse, we will be able to ship prizes outside of the U.S. – so bring it world, what do you got?



If so, you have the chance to win …


Play Like a Pro, Look Like a Pro - Gear for One Year!

We’ll send you the same athletic wear as we send our sponsored pros!


What do you have to do to enter?

In less than ONE MINUTE, tell or show us why you consider yourself Born For Tennis

EXAMPLE VIDEO - http://youtu.be/IdlhY0xs4Z0


Videos must be under ONE MINUTE in length

Upload  your video to your own YouTube channel


In the TITLE & DESCRIPTION of your YouTube video write:

Athletic DNA “Born For This” Video Contest Entry – YOUR NAME


Submissions will NOT be accepted that are formatted incorrectly.

Go to BORNFORTHISCONTEST.COM to submit your YouTube link and contact information.

You can also email your YouTube link (AND Name, Phone Number) to AthleticDNASocial@gmail.com.  This is NOT the URL. We need you to click the share button under your video and send us that link!

We will review videos and post accepted entries to our YouTube Playlist  called “Born For This Video Contest.” We will announce the Top 10 entries on our blog on August 15. Watch the ADNA Facebook and YouTube channels to see your video go live.


WOMENS 306 x 249 150x150 Show us you are Born to Play Tennis for ONE YEAR of ADNA GEARENTRY DEADLINES

Video Entries accepted through Wednesday, August 8

Top 10 Finalists Announced on Wednesday, August 15

Winners Announced Wednesday, August 22



BOYS 278 x 1831 Show us you are Born to Play Tennis for ONE YEAR of ADNA GEAR

ADNA Sponsored Pro Gear for One Year!
Sent in quarterly shipments
Estimated Value:  $1,600

A Complete ADNA Outfit Including: Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Hoodie and Hat
Estimated Value:  $130


ADNA Hoodie & Track Jacket
Estimated Value:  $110

ADNA T-Shirt of Your Choice
Estimated Value:  $50

Coupon for $25 Off Athletic DNA Gear
Estimated Value:  $25



This contest is open to both male and female tennis athletes of all ages and countries. We WILL ship to winners outside of the U.S.

The gear included in the First Prize will come in quarterly shipments to an address agreed upon.

Videos are judged based on skill level, energy and drive. Videos will not be judged on quality or editing or filming.

In the event of a tie, YouTube “likes” will be used to determine a winner.

In the event that a minor (under the age of 18) wins the first prize, it must be claimed by a legal guardian over the age of 18. Be advised that all submitted video content can and may be used in future video or promotions from Athletic DNA.

By submitting to this contest, you give Athletic DNA permission to use your likeness and story in all future content.

Most importantly, be smart when making your video submissions. Athletic DNA and all affiliated partners are not liable for injuries to yourself or others before, during and after the production of this video. A third party, Social Media Company has been hired to execute this contest and determine the winners. Athletic DNA will not be involved in selecting the winners.

Questions can be emailed to AthleticDNASocial@gmail.com.

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