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dnevolo1 Dennis Nevolo Blogging From The USTA Futures Circuit

March 13th 2013

Tournament : Calabasas $15,000

Calabasas was a very difficult trip but one that was character building with a lot of positives to take away. My first two qualifying matches were very routine short straight set wins. I needed one more win to qualify and as I checked my draw I saw that I would play a 16 year old player.

16 is pretty young and although I have had trouble playing against younger players this year, 16 seemed almost too young to be overly concerned. Well it turned out being one of my toughest, most physical matches of the year as my opponent had a cannon of a serve and seemed to serve 90 percent first serves in the first set as I lost 7-6. The second set I dropped a huge lead, but I managed to win 7-6.

At this point my body is not feeling good; I definitely needed to hydrate more than I thought since my back was tight as a drum and cramps were coming on. I call a trainer at 1-0 in the third to loosen my back up. I don’t sit the rest of the match trying to stay loose to prevent my twinges from turning in to locked cramps, but I found a way to win 7-6 after 3 hours and 40 minutes. This was a match where I was so tired it was hard for me to eat dinner. I took an ice batch and woke up the next morning with extreme muscle tightness.

On to the main draw… I got a day off of singles and won my first round doubles match the next day, which was probably good to loosen the body up. I drank tons of fluids the night before my first round singles match to help prevent the cramping I had to go through in qualifying. I start off fast and win the first set 6-2 playing very aggressive and coming in a lot which I guess I only do when I’m sick of playing long matches.

The second set I lost 6-3 one break and there I was in a third set again. Luckily this time I wasn’t cramping. I got off to a great start 2-0 but didn’t serve a great game and was broken. I broke back up 3-1 serving with more game points and lost two points that I was in very strong position of winning to get broken.  So I’m up 3-2 and 30-love on his serve things are looking good again. I play a little passive but get 3 break points and don’t convert any!!! I hold the next game easily. Up 4-3 30-love on his serve again with 2 more break points I can’t convert!! Tied at 4-4 down love-40 serving I hit 3 straight winners and had two game points and didn’t convert!!! He holds the final game and I lose 6-4 in the third.

Very rarely do I play matches where I remember all the opportunities I had. It’s very frustrating to lose matches like this, but I put myself in a position to win numerous times and sometimes you just get a little unlucky. As I walk off the court the trainer tells me I sure get my money’s worth since this match was logged in at around 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Doubles was sadly scheduled the same day. It’s very hard to play doubles after a grueling singles match since all my body wants to do is nothing. We lost 6-1 7-5. Calabasas was quite the experience and I will try to carry over the positives to Costa Mesa qualifying on March 16th.




1st Round of Qualies: (6) Dennis Nevolo defeated Wesley Bertsch 6-1 6-1
2nd Round of Qualies: (6) Dennis Nevolo defeated Hufu Wang 6-2 6-1
Qualifying Round: (6) Dennis Nevolo defeated (16) Ernesto Escobedo 6-7(5) 7-6(5) 7-6(2)
1st Round of Main Draw: Min Hyeok Cho defeated Dennis Nevolo 2-6 6-3 6-4



1st Round of MD: Dennis Nevolo & Kevin King defeated Joshua Milton & Andrew Whittington 6-4 6-4
2nd Round of MD: Saketh Myneni & Sanam Singh defeated Dennis Nevolo & Kevin King 6-1 7-5

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