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Grace Min in her few months wearing Athletic DNA has already accomplished a lot.  She advanced through qualies at both the 2013 French Open & U.S. Open, becoming the first Athletic DNA female pro to play in the main draw of each tournament.

At just 19 years old, she is someone that will continue to grow right along with the brand.  So take a few minutes to get to know Grace.

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How did you come to play tennis?

My mom played (and still plays) league tennis. She signed me up for summer camp and a league when I was 8. I’ve been on the go since.

Talk about your first major win. How did it feel? Was there a crowd?

I’ll go way back and say 14′s National Clay Courts was my first major win. It was my first gold ball in singles. There was a crowd big enough to make it look like the bleachers were filled. The tournament was finished and I didn’t lose. It was great.

When did you decide that tennis was the career path you wanted to follow?

About 2 years after I started playing.

When did you know you could become a pro?

After I won the Jr. US Open. (2011)

What is your favorite surface? Tournament?

Red clay & Roland Garros

Favorite shot and why?

Forehand. I’ve practiced it the most.

What are your goals for this year?

Top 100

What inspires you?

The next thing that lies ahead.

Did you have any handicaps or hardships to overcome in order to succeed?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have only dealt with obstacles that come from myself or inexperience. I wouldn’t call moving away from home or adjusting to surroundings a hardship.

If you could take back 1 match, which would it be?

If I really thought about this, I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Who’s game inspires you?

Ferrer, for his work ethic and discipline.

How do you mentally prepare for each match?

By shutting off all technicalities and getting ready to compete.

How important is practicing tennis verses just playing matches?

You need both, but practice is where you improve and tweak little parts of your game that are overlooked in playing.

How did you hear about Athletic DNA?

Through my coach

What part of your personality do you think ADNA best represents?

I think ADNA best represents my excitement and passion for tennis. Like ADNA, I’m fairly new to the field. I’m excited to grow in my career alongside ADNA and start turning heads.

What are your thoughts on wearing the Athletic DNA clothing while you play?

I love wearing ADNA clothing while I play. It’s comfortable, breathable, able to move with me, colorful, unique, and most importantly… cute.

What are your vices?

Netflix, Diet Coke, any type of fruity gum/candy, Buzzfeed

Stranded on a desert island: 3 things you have to have?

- Food
- Phone
- Extra hairband

5 songs currently playing on the Ipod?

- Monday Morning
- Wake Me Up
- Unbelievers
- Treasure
- Young Blood


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