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Small Improvements Youll See to the New ADNA Fall LineWe are so excited to update everyone about our New Fall Line! We made several improvements, particularly to our sizing – and especially for our women & girls’ lines – to meet the needs of our hard-working athletes.

We learned from our Spring 2012 Line, as well as listening to our players, about what you need when it comes to performing well in our clothing. Our performance tops, bottoms and outer-layer pieces have all been adjusted to better fit the movement of every individual body type.

Here are some of the great new things you will see in our New Fall Line!

Changes to the ADNA Women’s Line

Tournament Tank
Our tank will be wider at the bottom, so you will not feel quite the tight hold around the stomach / waist area as before. In addition, the fabric under the armpits will not be quite as form-fitting to allow for more range of motion. We received some feedback on the current line of women’s tanks that it has been just too tight under the arm.

Hot Shorts
We adjusted the waistband of the shorts to make it more flexible, allowing players to get more stretch. The waistband will be an equal length (no more V shape) with a clean finish facing the top edge. We also changed the hemline curve to eliminate the shorts from riding up the leg while you’re moving.

Ringer Tee
We made the body length close to 2-inches longer, and the sleeve will fall close to another 1-inch longer on the arm. We also worked on the neckline to give it a more comfortable look and feel. Please note that both the ringer tee and the graphic tank will have a new fabric … no more 100% cotton.

Racer-Back Tank
This length will stay the same. Under the armpit will be less tight, but still form-fitting.

The length on the body will be about 2-inches longer, with sleeves about one-inch longer. We also loosened the cuffs on the sleeves just slightly so they won’t be quite so tight, allowing you to push them up when needed! The hood will not be so pointy for the women’s line and a little less deep. Again, more fitting for the individual woman’s body.

Changes to the ADNA Men’s Line

Small 2 Improvements Youll See to the New ADNA Fall LineAll Shirts
The Spiral shirt is our newest addition that you may have seen our Pros wearing at the US Open. This new design has gained tons of attraction, and we are excited to see our juniors wear this shirt. All of our other pieces are a continuation of the spring line, but with NEW colors!

We are giving all the men’s shirts a 2-inch extension to the length, with 1-inch added to the boys’ shirts.

Track Jacket
We heard your requests, and are moving the zipper to the right side of the jacket instead of the left. We are also working diligently on getting better teeth for the zipper. The width in the back will also be extended, so you don’t feel overly confined. We also will extend the length of the coat by 3-inches, and the sleeves by 2-inches.

We know you’re pulling our hoodies on-and-off constantly, and that tends to stretch them out. The new fall release will have elastic around the neckline that is more forgiving to keep that fitted feel.




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