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We sat down to talk with ADNA Pro Athlete Rajeev Ram about his experiences with the game of tennis, and what he thinks will drive awareness for the sport.

When Did You Come to Tennis?

“I first began playing when I was 5-years-old, and haven’t stopped since.”

Rajeev small Interview with Athletic DNA Pro Athlete Rajeev RamTo say, I haven’t stopped, really puts Rajeev’s success to this point rather lightly. In his junior career, Rajeev won a total of nine national junior titles, including both singles and doubles matches. His titles include the National Clay Court 14-and-under Singles Tournament, the Boys 16-and-under National Championship, the 18-and-under highly coveted Easter Bowl title, the Kalamazoo doubles tournament, and the Target Cup tournaments.

Rajeev earned All-State Honors playing tennis at Carmel High School, including Indiana State Singles Champion. Ram delayed entering the University of Illinois, so that he could compete as an amateur in the pro circuit. During his one semester at Illinois, he won the national doubles title helping the team go undefeated (32–0), and win the NCAA team championship.

Rajeev received a wild card entry into the 2001 Junior US Open, and was the runner-up in junior doubles at the 2002 Wimbledon, with partner Brian Baker.


Why Do You Play Tennis Over Other Sports?

“I like the one-on-one aspect of tennis. Really I love all sports, so I’d be involved with one-or-another in some way. I just like to get out there and sweat.”

Rajeev small Interview with Athletic DNA Pro Athlete Rajeev Ram

Why Do You Like ADNA Clothing?

Athletic DNA clothes combine style with comfort in a great way. They put me at ease on the courts.”

Rajeev is shown in these pictures wearing the Blue Logo Training Tee, White Motion Shirt and Black Hitting Shorts. Keep an eye out for new shots of Rajeev in the ADNA Fall Line coming later in September.


What Advice Would You Give To Young Tennis Athletes?

“Practice hard, and never give-up on your dreams”


Is Tennis Gaining An Audience?

“I really think tennis is gaining popularity because of its global nature. I think we grow awareness even further by exposing more young kids to high-level tennis, especially if we can offer free events to attend. If you can gain interest in tennis at an early age, it will be in your heart forever.”


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