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As Athletic DNA’s players travel the world, they’ll check in from time to time sharing their experiences both on and off the court. ¬†Want to know more about a certain aspect of life on the road? Comment on our Facebook page and we’ll have them answer.


Greetings from Europe!

I just arrived in Arad, Romania a few days ago after a long trip over which included layovers in Detroit, Amsterdam, and Bucharest. I was a bit jet lagged upon arrival to say the least but have been able to recover and now feel like I’m finally used to the time change. I’ve had a couple days of practice with my buddy and fellow ADNA player Chase Buchanan, who recently got to the finals of the Karshi Challenger. So congrats to him!

I’m getting used to the red clay (having practiced on Har-Tru the last few weeks) and can’t wait to compete come Tuesday! The people have been nice and the food has been delicious here. The only thing I have to complain about are the abnormally sized bugs.

 ADNA Around The World: Kosakowski in Romania

This critter showed up on our practice court the first day and caused a 15 minute delay as we tried to figure out how to remove it! So long for now. I’ll post again mid next week!


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