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(January 28, 2014) – Well I have completed two full weeks of rehab, and good news…. I get to start some new exercises today! After my swimming session early this morning, I was informed about this arm bike I should give a try, because I needed to get some sort of sweat going for my own sanity.  The arm bike is very underestimated. I will admit after a good 15 minutes on that thing, with a pretty high resistance, I had drops of sweat coming down my face so I was feeling a little better. I was also able to get an upper body lift in today which tomorrow I will probably feel the affect of.

One strange thing about this surgery is that they tell you there is a possibility of your foot or leg becoming numb from them pulling so hard on it. The nerves tend to get aggravated and that could have some affect to your leg. , Well..that happened, and I still have no feeling in the top of my right foot, which is strange to me, but I guess things could be worse right? I just hope it comes back at some point, but right now I don’t really need my foot, so I’m not too worried about it =)

I had my coaching debut this weekend with the Gator team, and it felt so good to be back out there and in that environment. Roland jokes to me all the time how now I will get a taste of what it was like being on the other side of trying to coach when emotions are flying high….he likes to remind me I wasn’t the easiest one to deal with, and I will be the first to admit that, but I enjoy helping these girls any way that I can!

(January 30, 2014) – Coming up on the end of week 2…about 10 more weeks to go before I can do really any physical activity with my legs, or have a tennis racket in my hand!! Being in Gainesville with the amount of support and help I have behind me definitely makes time go by a little bit quicker.  I have to give a special shout out to my athletic trainer here, Kelly. She has been doing two a days with me since I got here, stuck with me every morning and afternoon, and she is really making rehab as fun as it can be!

Next week  (week 3) is when I can really step up my rehab… I can start doing a tiny bit of resistance on the bike (like maybe turn it on!!!!) I also get my stitches removed, get to add some new stretches, and three weeks means only one more week left of the crutches I was always told I needed to make my triceps stronger, maybe the crutches helped them out?? I also get to get rid of the brace that I have been sporting…this is good news because the brace really clashes with the dress I am wearing for an event next week. =)

I will check in next week….and for all of you who are gator fans, the gator girls play Baylor this weekend…GO GATORS!

(February 7, 2014) – I am coming up on week four my one month mark, and actually feeling really good! I can lose the crutches next week, which is a big step for me.   I have been doing some walking in rehab, which is kind of painful because my hip is so stuff from being on crutches, so working on trying to get my walk back to normal!   I can also lose the CPM machine I have been in for a month, so now I can sleep normally at night. Right now, I am at National Indoors with the team, and play a really tough Virginia team today. I am really enjoying being on the sidelines this time around and helping the girls anyway I can.  It is also keeping me busy and my trainer has been amazing helping me get in my rehab sessions twice a day around our schedule…nothing like a few night swim sessions in the hotel pools and some Gold Gym appearances (because we don’t have a gym in our hotel) on the road…But we have a match to play…be back soon!

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