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Back in June, we welcomed Lauren Embree to the team as our first female pro.  Now in the first of a series of questionnaires with our pros, you can get to know Lauren better as she moves up the rankings.

Since signing with ADNA, she has claimed a professional singles and doubles title.

Enjoy, and remember to follow and support her on Facebook & Twitter!


When did you know you could become a pro?

I knew I wanted to go pro before I went to college. I wanted to get that college experience of playing for a team and for others, and I knew I always had the rest of my life for the pro tour so now I am really excited to focus everything on my professional career and do what I have always loved which is to compete and work hard to become the best I can be.

What are your goals for this year?

Since I am just getting done with college tennis and transitioning onto the pro tour my goals for this year is to play some challenger level tournaments 25,000/50,000 events to get my ranking up and then to go from there and see where it takes me!

What inspires you?

Being healthy and fit and being able to compete at the highest level possible for me. Also winning and losing. In college, my teammates and coaches inspired me, and it was motivating to try and win not just for yourself but for other people.

What is your favorite surface?

Clay. I grew up playing on clay and learned how to slide and move on it. I wish there were more tournaments on this surface!

Favorite shot and why?

My backhand down the line. I have always loved that shot since I was little and my dad would always make me practice it so I think I was forced to learn how to like it

If you could take back 1 match, which would it be?

If I could take back one match I would say every match I didn’t win.

Who’s game inspires you?

Kim Clijsters. Not only a great tennis player and champion but a better person. I love the way she played, super athletic and always fought no matter what the score with a great attitude.

What are your vices?

Texting too much, procrastination, laying out without sunscreen, frozen yogurt with the unhealthy toppings…

Stranded on a desert island: 3 things you have to have?

- Cell phone
- Running shoes
- Unlimited supply of peanut butter

5 songs currently playing on the Ipod?

- Reach for me (Dimitri)
- Luke Bryan (Crash my Party)
- Can’t Hold Us Down (Macklemore)
- Any thing from T. Swift
- Mirrors (Justin Timberlake)


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