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#12 ADNA Post of 2012

It’s an age old for tennis players, when you leave high school is it to attend college and strengthen your game, or head straight to the pros to make the long hard battle to the top while you’re still young and can handle the mentally grueling schedule. In this popular post we bring players and coaches together to discuss the best move.   BLOG LINK


#11 ADNA Post of 2012

Brian Baker is one of our favorite athletes, and when you get to know his comeback story we’re guessing he might become one of yours too. In this favorite post of ours, Brian Baker sits down for an interview with ADNA to talk about how he fell in love with tennis and why he fought so hard to come back.   BLOG LINK


#10 ADNA Post of 2012

In every aspect of our lives, someone works behind the scenes to make sure the conveniences we love are readily available. In the world of tennis apparel, our wonderful retail stores across the country loyally advocate the Athletic DNA brand, and we cannot thank them enough for doing so. That’s why we dedicate this top spot of 2012 to our wonderful Retailers of the Week!    BLOG LINK


#9 ADNA Post of 2012

Athletic DNA isn’t just about clothing, it’s a mantra that runs deep inside our athletes. The men and women who dedicate themselves to the game of tennis were Born For This, and we asked them to show us why in this wildly popular 2012 contest. Athletes from around the world sent in videos demonstrating why they were born to play the tennis, and it was super hard for us to pick just one winner!    BLOG LINK


#7 & 8 ADNA Post of 2012

The professional tennis players that represent the ADNA brand are a caliber of athlete above and beyond those you see in those “other sports.” Our pros are dedicated, hardworking, loyal friends that take their responsibilities seriously and never give up on their dreams. This year we added many great names to our line-up, which is why we salute our New Pros in this top post.   BLOG LINK


#6 ADNA Post of 2012

All of our athletes work hard, but some have overcome adversities that would make the common man dive into bed and pull the sheets over their head. That is why in 2012 we started the Sacrifice Series to tell the stories our young tennis athletes that looked in the face of challenges and laughed. We salute you!      BLOG LINK #1     BLOG LINK #2


#5 ADNA Post of 2012

We mentioned the Sacrifice Series already we know, but Alan Yim is one special athlete worth noting. This brave young man goes out onto the courts every day despite knowing when the pain from his Diabetes might strike. It could be right in the middle of a serve, but he has never let that stop him from playing on … and we can’t help but stand and applaud his dedicated effort. Alan, you were BORN FOR THIS!    BLOG LINK


#4 ADNA Post of 2012

While everyone who entered the contest blew us away with their stories of dedication, a few athletes shined above the rest – most especially Lane Leschly our Born For This Contest Winner!  He comes from a long line of dedicated athletes, which not only put the love for tennis in his heart, but also a lot of pressure over his head. Thank you again to all our athletes that made this contest a great success!    BLOG LINK


#3 ADNA Post of 2012

We love to talk about the game of tennis and the athletes (both young and old) that make it great, but we can’t forget about our #1 mission … hardworking, durable tennis clothing that can keep up with our limitless athletes. In 2012 we had both a spring and fall release of new tennis apparel that were both greeted with love by our fans. So we named NEW CLOTHES the 3rd best thing that happened this year!     BLOG LINK #1     BLOG LINK #2


#2 ADNA Post of 2012

We’re used to seeing a lot of talent come in and out of our doors, but none so bold and outrageous as Redfoo from LMFAO! As an avid tennis player, Redfoo is known for finding an indoor tennis match where ever he tours, and just so happened to stop into our Northwest facility to play a couple of rounds with our instructors and juniors. It was quite a treat, and nearly the best thing we saw all year!    BLOG LINK


#1 ADNA Post of 2012

Now, after much anticipation, we get to the top post of 2012! If you follow tennis closely, you may remember the heated debate that sparked a tennis outcry after the NCAA handed down changes that would severely limit the way tennis is played in the U.S. What makes tennis a sport above-and-beyond the rest is its intense match play that pushes athletes to their breaking points before handing them victory or defeat. In this BEST post of 2012, our very own Evan Zeder lays out his opinions on the change and why tennis athletes deserve better!     BLOG LINK



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