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Hey everyone, it’s Kevin Hall and wanted to update you on the beginning of our Summer RV Tour. Here is a brief look at the basics of our schedule for the summer.

RVTOUR 1024x1024 RV Summer Tour 2013: Blog #1

It was a crazy 3 weeks on the road for Evan, Ben, and I. We flew down to Phoenix on June 3rd to pick up the RV and head east. The key part of the day was Evan talking constantly about his Miami Heat’s game 7 against the Indiana Pacers. We got out of Phoenix a little later than we would have liked, but headed to Tucson to catch the game. As everyone knows, the Heat came to play in that game, so Evan started the trip off in a good mood. We actually stayed at the DoubleTree that night right across the street from Reffkin Tennis Center, site of 12s & 14s Winter Nationals.

From Tucson, we jumped back on I-10 (the road that we drove countless miles on all trip) and headed west. I had never been in New Mexico & west Texas, and I-10 doesn’t make the best show of either. It was a lot of music listening and lack of cell service as we drove on day 2. We stayed the night in Ozona, Texas, which I had never heard of, but we found some quality Mexican food for dinner before calling it a night.

The next 2 days we spent in Austin & Houston, Texas. We were able to swing by a couple great academies while in the area. In Houston, we stopped by King Daddy Sports and in Austin, the Brain Game Tennis Academy at the Polo Tennis Club. It was great to see some of the top players in Texas working to take their games to the next level. Before leaving Austin, there was another Heat game for Evan to watch, this time Game 1 of the Finals. We were able to enjoy the game with a couple of friends who live in the Austin area including former ADNA pro and now coach, Amer Delic.

After more than 1,000 of driving all over Texas, we finally made it out the other side. The next stop was Daytona, Florida for Florida State Closed. We spent a few great days watching kids in the 12s, 14s, 16s, and 18s age groups compete for the title and avoiding rain showers.

Evan then took off to head to Seattle, so Ben and I were going solo in the RV. We headed from Daytona to Tampa and swung by Country Club of Ocala and MP Tennis while we were in the area. It worked out well scheduling wise that the Tampa Bay Rays were in town, so Ben and I went to check out the game with a couple friends. We got to see them beat the Boston Red Sox, who had the best record in baseball at the time. What do you think of our seats?

970864 10102574522268550 1750177920 n 300x225 RV Summer Tour 2013: Blog #1

We took off from Florida and headed toward Cary, NC for Southern Closed 12’s. We stopped for the night in Hilton Head, SC and what a great place to stay the night. We swung through Charleston, SC on our way north and Tour Tennis, one of the best retailers in the region.

1017096 10102577858048620 2105666018 n 300x225 RV Summer Tour 2013: Blog #1

It was a great weekend in the Cary/Raleigh area. Ben headed home for Father’s Day, but my sister who lives in South Carolina came up to visit. The weekend consisted of watching a lot of great tennis and talking to plenty of kids and parents about the brand, I got to spend time with some family. It was great to see so many boys rocking ADNA, and the number of girls continues to increase every tournament.

That was the end of watching tournaments for the trip, as Ben and I started focusing on visiting retailers and academies in the area. Before leaving the Triangle area of North Carolina, we stopped in at the new Bryan’s Tennis with a unique demo area in store and Love All Tennis as well. The RV then headed for Charlotte and another site of Tour Tennis and Queen City Tennis. These were both great accounts that we love to see carrying the gear.

From Charlotte we headed to Tennessee. Over 3 days, we stopped by a number of spots in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis. People in Nashville and Knoxville knew the brand in large part due to ADNA pros Brian Baker & Tennys Sandgren who have deep ties in the area with both being from the Nashville area and Tennys attending the University of Tennessee before going pro. We spent a great day at Memphis Racquet Club, home of the annual US Indoor Championship ATP & WTA Event in February.

The next stop was Birmingham, Alabama. We stopped by a couple of retailers and then had one of the more unique parts of the trip. Ben and I tackled unwrapping the RV. After 3 years, we decided the RV needed a new look, so I was going to drop it off in Jacksonville, FL to get the new wrap. The wrap is basically a big sticker, but as we tried to take it off, it was like huge pieces of duck tape. Super sticky, but it would come off in large chunks. Here is a nice before and after picture of it.

unwrap 300x300 RV Summer Tour 2013: Blog #1

I dropped Ben off at the Birmingham airport and then headed for Jacksonville. No real excitement at the end, which is a good thing since I was driving solo. I dropped the RV this past Sunday morning and can’t wait to see what it will look like next time.

To keep up with all of the travels of the RV, we are using the hashtag #ADNARVTour while on the road. If you ever spot it, be sure you get a pic and post it with the hashtag.

Can’t wait until July to get back on the road and seeing so many people in the gear.

Kevin Hall

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