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Sacrifice Logo Sacrifice? Well Show You Sacrifice, and its More than Giving Up Potato ChipsA lot of people in this world have a skewed vision as to what sacrifice really means.

For a dedicated athlete, sacrifice is not just giving up TV, or Potato Chips or (for our younger athletes) prom.

Sacrifice, by definition, means giving of your mind, body and soul – and in some cases even your possessions – towards a higher purpose. As a verb, the definition of sacrifice is to surrender yourself or to permit injury for the sake of achievement.

Thanks to the weak individuals in this world, sacrifice has morphed into a watered-down version of a bad day. We’re tired of the whining, so we’re taking this word back.

In our new ADNA blog series that we call Sacrifice, you will hear from some of tennis’ rising heroes on the real hardships they fought – and continue to fight – through on their journey to greatness. These boys, girls, women and men have pulled a piece of their soul from a shattered place to rise as a winner, and we think it’s time to hear from them instead of those that think a stomach cramp is debilitating.

Our first Sacrifice Blog will release this afternoon about Connor Masella who refuses to let a tumor keep him from tennis stardom.

Now that’s sacrifice don’t you think?


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