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ADNA Select Juniors Do You Have What it Takes to be an ADNA Select Athlete?
We are pleased to announce that Athletic DNA is now accepting applications from our female tennis athletes to become an ADNA Select Junior.

ADNA Select Members are an elite group of athletes whose rankings demonstrate hard work and dedication to tennis, and is reserved for true competitors that show the potential to take their tennis careers to the next level.

This being our first year to offer women’s tennis apparel, we were not able to provide the very deserving women in this sport with the same perks as our male athletes. But that’s all changed now!!

Each applicant to the ADNA Select program is carefully considered by our team on a range of criteria.

As an ADNA Select Member, you have access to the following benefits:

Athletic DNA High-Performance Apparel at Significant Discounts
-  Shipment of High-Performance Apparel 3X per Year
-  Pre-Release Items Available to ADNA Select Members Only

Women 819x1024 Do You Have What it Takes to be an ADNA Select Athlete?ADNA Select Membership is currently based on the Tennis Recruiting ranking system:

ADNA Select Membership requires a Tennis Recruiting
Star Rating of 2 or higher


“We really try to go the extra mile to support our junior players,” said ADNA VP of Tennis, Evan Zeder.

Some junior tennis players may have seen our RV bouncing around between tournaments this summer. Evan and his team circled the country watching some spectacular matches.

“Now that we introduced the ADNA Select Process for our female athletes, Bryan Thorp our Sales & Sponsorship Representative, will travel to a lot more girls’ tournaments in the ADNA bus,” Zeder said. “Our main goal is to support our new players, and help everyone understand the Select Junior process.”

Players with lower rankings may also choose to limit their initial participation to that of an ADNA Select Starter, giving you an opportunity to learn what all of our players are raving about by taking advantage of significant discounts.

ADNA Select Starters Need a Tennis Recruiting Star Rating of 1+


Think you have what it takes?  Complete the ADNA Select Application




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