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home banner ball 300x131 What does it mean to be Born For ThisIt’s that burning in your belly that pulls you from your bed to practice just as the night owls are turning in, the drive to be better. When you’re born to do something it nags at your mind, drowning out all other noise. In truly driven individuals, the loudest voice you hear is the one in your own head. Follow it. Push harder. Go further. Test boundaries, and don’t ever look back.

Athletic DNA Brand Ambassador Program for Select Juniors
ADNA Select membership is reserved for elite athletes whose rankings and results demonstrate hard work and dedication. It is for true competitors with the potential to take their tennis to the next level. Each applicant is considered on a range of criteria.

ADNA Select members have access to the following benefits:
• Receive Athletic DNA high performance apparel at significant discounts.
• Shipment of high performance apparel three times per year.
• Pre-release items available to ADNA Select members only.

ADNA Select membership is currently based on the USTA 2010 Final Rankings:
• USTA 2010 NATIONAL Final Ranking of 500 or better.
• USTA 2010 SECTIONAL Final Ranking of 40 or better.

Have what it takes?  Complete the ADNA Select application.

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