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winwithus Want to Win Something From the New Line ... Name Your Movie!

You can play humble all you want with everyone else, but we know you’ve at least thought about the movie based on your future tennis career, and we want to know … what would the title be? Tell us the name of your tennis-inspired movie, and the best entry will win a pair of either Men’s Track Pants or Women’s Ace Pants from the New 2012 Fall Line.

So are you the future star of Ace Down The Line or maybe you’re more of a Meet Me Under The Indoor Lights kind of person. We just hope you don’t consider yourself a Paul Bettany or Kirsten Dunst from Wimbeldon, because that would be something you shouldn’t tell anyone … EVER!

In the Facebook comments below, list the title of a movie made about your tennis career, and we’ll pick the best entry to win either a pair of  Men’s Track Pants or Women’s Ace Pants from the Athletic DNA 2012 Fall Line.

Winner will be announced next Friday, November 16. Deadline for entries will be 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 14. Chat with us on Facebook if you have any questions!


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